Crafted Uniquely; Inspired Naturally

The combination of unique craftsmanship and natural inspirations resulted in a clothing line that we so proudly call “CUIN”. We aim at capturing the essence of individual mien and the wonders of nature. We at CUIN believe that fashion is a powerful tool of self-expression that allows you to tell your unique story, with us taking on the role of the narrator, weaving together style, quality, and individuality into every design through an engaging and vivid visual play of intersecting lines, sublime shapes, textures, and tempting colors.

A contemporary fashion label based around the idea of optimizing less to the fullest; CUIN was founded by Shubhi Aggarwal Vyas in 2019. Today we are a family of a meticulous Master and skilled karigars who are dedicated to craft a surreal experience for you through our clothing.